The Doorbell, re-imagined.



The idea is simple. We don't really need a doorbell when all it does is emit noise. Our phones are perfectly capable of doing that. Enter PHONEBELL.

PHONEBELL is a Web App that allows a user to scan a QR code pasted on your door instead of ringing an old last-century doorbell. This QR code contains an encrypted url that interacts with the Twilio API to call or text the homeowner.

Who needs PHONEBELL?

Anyone with a door! The homeowner generates the custom qrcode using our web app, prints it on a sheet of paper, and sticks it on his door. Anyone who wishes to ring the phonebell only needs to scan the qrcode and shazam! The homeowner instantaneously gets a text or a phone call asking him to open the door!

Key Features

  • Custom URL's for each phone number.
  • Printable page generated directly on the website
  • Encrypted communication and privacy - Anyone who rings the phonebell does not receive the phone number of the homeowner!

More to come! Stay tuned!

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