Social Mint - Social Stock Investment

Stock trading used to be reserved for the elite, not anymore. Invest with the combine knowledge of the community.

Stock investing has always been reserved for the upper class, everyday users have little to no clue on how to pick a stock portfolio or the most efficient way to start investing.

This is where Social Mint comes in, Social Mint is a web application that crowd source the investment market to everyday users so that the community can be the driving factor in helping you invest (think Reddit, Slickdeals, StackOverflow).

Our dashboard includes historical stock data analysis, volumetric information such as market capital and volume of trades, year-to-date price and percentage, current variances, and a moving average trendline. Users will also be able to view and vote on stock sentiment, target price, and receive text alerts on price targets. Future support such as in-app stock purchase can be support via Robinhood once the API is released.

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