All About Me

Consolidates all of your social media feeds into one singular feed.

While we were throwing ideas around, we discovered that all of us were subscribed to so many social media sites, and we always had to go around to each and every site and open up 3-5 tabs to check all of them in one sitting. As a Computer Scientist, adding 3-5 tabs to my already existing 20 tabs open in Chrome is a nightmare, so we started working on All About Me.

All About Me targets any Social Media user who wants to consolidate their social media down to one webapp. All About Me currently consolidates Facebook and Twitter into a single feed, allowing you to keep up with your friends and view all the photos they're posting. We have discovered that it is possible to add in video, Reddit, Tumblr, as well as many other Social Media apps and features added to the site. So you never miss a beat, All About Me will let you see everything you care about in a single feed.

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