Slip Shot

Text images to anyone from your browser.

Slip Shot - a Google Chrome Extension


Slip Shot is a Google Chrome extension. We made the process of getting an image or gif from your Google Chrome browser to your phone very simple and fast. Instead of having to download the image and send it to yourself via email or syncing, you can now easily right-click any image, enter a phone number and within seconds the phone will receive a text of your image.

Target User

This extension is for anyone who ever spent more than 10 seconds getting an image from their laptop browser to their phone.

Issues Solved

Since google chrome extensions are client-side and don't allow php scripts, we had to create a server to handle our php scripts to interact with Twilio's API. In our case we settled with a simple Google App Engine app to handle our server-side needs. Figuring out how to do Cross Domain Resource Sharing was the hardest and most rewarding part.

How we felt when it finally worked.

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