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Git Moar is a recommendation engine web app for Github. The target audience is Github users who want to expand their coding social network by discovering other users to connect with, as well as discover new repositories to explore based on your interests.

The "Cool Cats" section of the site shows you the coders you are connected to on Github, as well as other coders connected to you with one degree of separation. It finds this information by querying Github's API for your followers, and the people who they follow. These users are then piped into a D3 bubble chart which displays their profile picture scaled to size according to their popularity.

The "Rad Repos" section of the site shows you trending repositories that are relevant to your interests. We accomplish this by querying the Github API to get your repos, and analyze which languages you are most interested in. We then search Github for popular repos that are written in your favorite languages!


  • Github login and authentication
  • Finds your connected social network, plus the people they follow
  • Visualizes your network through a D3 bubble chart, weighted by number of followers
  • Links to github profiles of people in the visualization
  • Recommends relevant repos based on your preferred languages through low complexity natural language processing
  • Displays star count of the repos to show you which ones are most popular
  • Quick search bar for searching Github for users and repos

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