Pebble Charades

An interactive, intuitive way to play charades, pictonary, and other word games.

Pebble Charades is a simple app for the pebble smart watch that facilitates every step of a game of charades or other word games. The idea came from a desire to use a new technology to improve on an old game concept. When you select start on the watch, a timer for 2 minutes, 30 seconds begins and a random word is flashed on the screen. This way the actor is the only person in the game given the prompt, and games are automatically timed. If the word is guessed, the middle button can be used to increase the score by one, and the user receives a new word to act out. The top button can be used to skip a difficult word, at the expense of a 5 second penalty. When time is up, the watch vibrates, displays "Game Over," and prevents changing the score until a new game is started. Pebble Charades is a fun, active, alternative to today's stationary smartphone games.

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