The Leap Navigator

Hands free navigation.

Our original idea was to create a program, using the leap, that would allow surgeons to be able to pull up patient records and view images such as X-rays or MRI's. The leap allows the user to interface with the computer without actually touching it. Since surgeons have to sterilize during a surgery, we thought they could interface with the program without having to re-sterilize. We then started to get into it and changed are idea into something more simple. Our final project navigates through a list of patients that it reads in from a .txt file with the Leap sensor. Our ideas to improve our project, is to have it be able to swipe through patient visits. We wanted it to also be able to add a new patient and be able to save the new patients visit into the already existing .txt file. To get the inputs for our new patients, we would use dictation software and speak command software for OSX to save names and files. Given more time we would be able to implement these improvements.

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